How to upload your songs 

Go to menu

In the menu select vendor dashboard

Sign in your account 

Select the box at the bottom of the page

Select you music type ( category)


Fill in all the information needed


Add artwork 

Upload file

Select file 

Checkeck the box and then add your music



Look if everything is ok if yes submit and wait for review thanks 


How to buy

  1.  Search for the song you want to buy
  2. When you see the song click on the “add to cart”. you can see it under the product image 
  3. After you have added all the songs you want to buy on your cart
  4. Got to the top of the site you will see a small bag with the number of song in it                            
  5. Click on the bag to see the checkout drop-down 
  6. Select “checkout”
  7. Fill out the information to the left and select “pay by mobile money via monetbil”   
  8. Next verify the amount and see if you have it in your account then select “pay by mobile money”
  9. Fill-in your mobile money or orange money account number and take next to finalize payment
  10. After conforming your payment the page you will see on your phone will look like this
  11. Move down to the download section to the area where you see download
  12. Slide down left  and select the blue place to download                        
  13. press the blue section to download the song